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Posted by on Feb 28, 2014 in Featured, Understand | 1 comment

Rage. So much rage. There is road rage, air rage, office rage, bike rage. One can rage against the machine, rage against the fates. One can...

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Scott Lively…Anti-Gay Angel of Death

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There is no ‘It Gets Better’ campaign for Uganda. There are no platitudes that can give solace in Russia. There are no parades...

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Queer Rights. The Battle of Sochi and Beyond.

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What to do about the Sochi Olympics in Russia? The debate rages as some call for an outright ban on the games, its advertisers and...

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Russia: The Horrible Truth

Posted by on Aug 7, 2013 in Featured, Understand | 2 comments

The LGBTQ community—and many of our allies—have not just been up in arms but downright apoplectic over the slew of horrific new laws...

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Race Retaliations and Pride in Prejudice

Posted by on Jun 24, 2013 in Featured, Unabashed | 2 comments

Just as it looked like bald-faced racism and bigotry may have been gasping its last breaths over the past decade, the beast has inhaled,...

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