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Blackstar, David Bowie (8 Jan 1947 – 10 Jan 2016)

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This is my review of David Bowie’s Blackstar. It was written on what turned out to be the day he died of liver cancer at age...

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Joseph Eid…living for something real

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“I started playing guitar later in life,” says singer/songwriter Joseph Eid. “I was 25 or something. I never imagined that I would be...

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Stick It!

Posted by on Jan 5, 2014 in Featured, Understand | 3 comments

Another flu season. Another outbreak of vaccination panic. Once again, social media is rife with posts warning against the evils and ills...

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This Is She

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Music is always evolving. Rock was born from the belly of Blues. Techno hatched from sinuous innards of disco. Rap burst from the loins of...

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