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Unvailed: The 2014 Hot List

Unvailed: The 2014 Hot List

With the sound of a great crack, it was suddenly over. No, I’m not talking about Rob Ford’s term as mayor; I’m talking 2014. What a year of change, upheaval, catharsis and assorted outrage. But hey, that’s why they invented social media.

2014 started with frost quakes and an ice storm in Toronto and ended with a bit of a whimper. However, after the past year, it was a welcome winter, indeed. At Unvailed, we had a year of music, theatre, politics, smooching, sexual harassment and the timely death of a truly rotten person. So, it wasn’t all that bad after all. Once again big thanks to contributors Jeffrey Round and Kendall P for their outstanding contributions to Unvailed. Here’s to a less chaotic, productive—yet strangely interesting—2015. Thanks for reading Unvailed.

The 2014 Hot List:

2014 was a year filled with outrage: from the Sochi Olympics LGBTQ outrage, and Toronto politics, to a variety of global incidents, people took to social media to express not only their outrage, but their feelings of helplessness. What is the root of this rage and how can we manage to not get swept away by it? Read more…

The Exotic World of Roxanna
Lush, sensual, sophisticated, and stylish. These are just a few of the adjectives used to describe Toronto-native Roxanna’s debut album, Exotica. Filled with stunning originals and a few gorgeously reinterpreted covers, Roxanna created a buzz in 2014 with this release and has paved the way for years of beautiful music. Read more…

Hey Bub, That’s My Nipple You’re Tweaking
After series of inappropriate touches, I got thinking about how one person’s flirt is another person’s sexual harassment. When is a pinch or a squeeze appropriate when you are a gay man as opposed to a straight woman, and how much of our behaviour is about social conditioning? Read more…

Rob Ford vs. Toronto Gays. Egale Speaks Out.
Mercifully, 2014 saw the end of Rob Ford’s time as Toronto mayor. It’s not an understatement to say it was fraught with scandal, stunning revelations and head scratching, eye rolling moments. It was also a term filled with a lot of insults to the city’s LGBTQ community. Unvailed had a one-on-one conversation with Egale Executive Director, Helen Kennedy about Ford’s anti-gay fumbles. Read more…

Fred Phelps — Gay Rights Champion!
Westboro Baptist Church Case to be Heard by Supreme Court
And speaking of anti-gay leaders…2014 was the year of Westboro Baptist Church founder Fred Phelps’ swansong. While much was written about his horrid God Hates Fags agenda, it was interesting to note that his rabid hatred toward LGBTQ people may have accelerated our acceptance. Phelps left this world an unqualified failure. Read more…

More Than A Kiss
As some of us soldier on in our search for true love, we may stumble into hook-ups that leave us sated, but ultimately unsatisfied. In a world of apps and online dating, maybe one of the bravest things we can do is show our vulnerability and just kiss. Read more…

When Accommodation Is A Slippery Slope
Controversy ensued at York University when a student who requested to have no contact with women because of his religious and cultural beliefs was granted his wish…very temporarily. How far should we go to accommodate one at the expense of not only people but also societal edicts? Read more…

Manon, Sandra and the Virgin Mary
Pleiades Theater, Sandra, Manon and The Virgin Mary
Our very own Jeffrey Round enjoyed a rare treat when he attended a production buy one of his favourite playwrights, Michel Tremblay. Manon, Sandra and the Virgin Mary is, as Round described, angry, irreverent and blasphemous. Read more…

Conspiracy Theorists…Honest Reappraisals or Honestly Exasperating?
illuminatiKendall P shone the spotlight on our obsession to appraise and reappraise events and people until they become detached from their original circumstances and turned into conspiracies. What’s behind conspiracies—and the people who propel them into our discourse? Read more…

Opportunity is Knocking
A brass door knocker on a blue door2104 stared with angst and anger. And I had already had my fill in 2013. I decided to approach the year with a glass-is-half-full approach. I did okay. Read about the impetus for this reconfiguration of my grey matter. Knock here…

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