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Toronto: Scenes From A City: WorldPride 2014

Toronto: Scenes From A City: WorldPride 2014

WorldPride 2014 has come and gone. Toronto is still dusting off and sweeping up the glitter and enjoying the goodwill and thrill of having successfully hosted millions of people of all sexes, sexualities and genders from around the world. It was an incredible week for Toronto, who, as a city, has been taking some heat and blushing from embarrassment on the world stage as of late. Well, a great big rainbow washed that away and replaced it with the charm, class, inclusion and sheer stamina and joy that is the real Toronto.

I spent a couple of days exploring the WorldPride events and am sharing some of what I witnesses on my Big Gay Adventure. Here are a selection of pictures I took as I celebrated WorldPride 2014 with my city—and the world.

I was thrilled that my good friend (and Unvailed contributor) Kendall Partington took one of the main stages on Church Street to entertain the masses. He certainly made the most of his two hours on stage.


Kendall on the keys.









Summer Haze

And I'm Telling You

“and I am telling you!”











If you’ve ever been to Toronto for Pride—or just about any summer—it gets hot and steamy. As the temperature went up, the clothes came off…not that there’s anything wrong with that. Pride has a tradition of barely there outfits and lots of skin. And you know what? Who cares! Some people get very bent out of shape about the flash of flesh. They probably have never been to a Pride.


The Painted Man










No Underwear!

No Underwear? No problem












David the cheeky bartender at Woodys…making people cool…and hot!











Of course there were a lot of stages set up during WorldPride and some were spectacular light shows with thousands of celebrants dancing and flying their colours.


Dancing Masses













Hey Mister DJ…













Just a few hundred thousand people…no biggie!












Another great ting about Pride—and this WorldPride—was meeting some unique people both from here and around the world. So, when I told friends that one night while exploring Pride-Land I ended up playing with a 5-foot python, of course, the obvious jokes flew at me. However, I wasn’t kidding. I met a lovely woman and her slithering sidekick, Aphrodite. Now, some people are terrified of snakes, clearly I am not among them; they feel like satin and are quite docile. Sssssssssss….


Mighty Aphrodite













Aphrodite and Andy













Of course, another great thing about hosting the World, is you have the opportunity to meet great people from ‘away’. I was lucky enough to meet a few folks visiting from London, England who were incredibly friendly and filled with positive energy. We danced, drank beer and basically celebrated the world coming together and the awesomeness of Toronto. They will be back!


My new WorldPride buddy from London, England














Three Amigos…Pride-style!

I must say that Toronto did itself—and the world—proud this year with the WorldPride 2014 celebrations. There were no problems, no violence, no anti-Pride demonstrations. Any naysaying was drowned out by the collective cheers of joy, acceptance and unity that Toronto—and Canada—are cherished for around the globe. Not only was WorldPride 2014 a hugely successful celebration of diversity, it was a shining beacon to the world of what is possible if we strive for acceptance, freedom and make the choice to be as one. Congratulations Toronto and all who made WorldPride 2014 possible—wherever in the world you come from!


The Happy Masses.















Where it all began almost 40 years ago.















Happy WorldPride 2014!



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  1. Much love for coming to see Aphrodite and I. Was fantastic to meet you and I love the pictures and your site. However, might I add a minor editing suggestion. She is 5 feet long 🙂 looking forward to more posts, I’ll keep checking for new reads 🙂

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