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Scott Lively…Anti-Gay Angel of Death

Scott Lively…Anti-Gay Angel of Death

There is no ‘It Gets Better’ campaign for Uganda. There are no platitudes that can give solace in Russia. There are no parades and festivals that can embolden the oppressed in the Middle East. Even America is struggling. There is a concerted effort to exterminate LGBTQ people and much of it has been championed by evangelist and master manipulator, Scott Lively—and this means war.

While most eyes have been on Uganda as of late, there are over 75 countries where homosexuality is illegal. Many of those countries are located in Africa—which has become the new ground zero for fundamentalists from around the world (mostly America) to operate, manipulate and invest in the systemic persecution, imprisonment and disposal of LGBTQ people. Between fundamentalist-fuelled oppressive laws in Africa and parts of America, and the scapegoating of LGBTQ people in Russia, it is shaping up to be a bleak year for gay rights on planet Earth.

Many of these countries’ lawmakers and leaders are being pried and having their pockets padded by very organized, very motivated and very persuasive Christian groups preaching from the pulpit of profit and power. Follow the money. Much of it leads back to the American heartland. Scott Lively, Focus on the Family, Family Research Council, to name a few, have a lot of money and a lot of political sway. Legislation is not debated against what is best for all, but bought by those with the power to convince others that they are or soon will be victimized. Equal rights is a shell game of Christian ethics that claims to be saving the pillars of our culture while systematically dismantling the foundation of a functioning, healthy, democratic and plural society.

Scott Lively is an enemy of LGBTQ people everywhere. He is the face of death.

exposedx400_leadIn America, Scott Lively has been the face and voice of one of the most aggressive, hurtful and lie-filled anti-gay campaigns in recent memory. He has been doggedly working to change state laws in the United States that would strip rights from LGBTQ people and give more rights to discriminate to anti-gay individuals and groups. He has also been lauding new laws in Russia and championing Uganda’s horrific anti-gay laws. While to some he may just be perceived a zealous nutcase, he is directly influencing others to target and victimize gay people. Scott Lively is an enemy of LGBTQ people everywhere. He is the face of death.

It is clearly evident that trying to push back using scripture and any kind of logic—even basic human kindness—will not work with these people. They have so dehumanized homosexuals and created such a perfectly rehearsed language denigrating homosexuals that are deceptively buttery, yet filled with poison. The language is clear: imminent threat to families, children, society and even the world, by allowing the “homosexual agenda” to assert itself. They spread this message while sounding as if they are the victims who must be protected. It’s the classic language and stance of an abuser: “They made me beat, rape, kill them. It’s not my fault.”

Go to the source, the cancer that has invaded the body; the Christians fundamentalist groups who are spreading fear, hate, lies and money to satisfy their blood lust.

How do LGBTQ people respond to this aggression? We can offer asylum to LGBTQ people at the mercy of oppressive regimes. We can urge our governments to sanction, through trade or aide, countries who oppress. However, with over 75 nations to punish, it is not economically feasible. Try to convince the Canadian government to implement that kind of action in the name of freedom and fairness for queer people. Not gonna happen. It may come down to picking a few big targets, like the aforementioned Russia and Uganda. Of course, cutting ties may leave already vulnerable people alone and in the crosshairs.

There may be a better way: go to the source, the cancer that has invaded the body; the Christian fundamentalist groups who are spreading fear, hate, lies and money to satisfy their blood lust. Perhaps using federal and international laws, class action lawsuits brought by LGBTQ people in America. Of course, there is finally working to end the tax breaks organized religions enjoy—to the detriment of others. These tactics may go some distance to crippling their legislative agenda and funds to buy lawmakers. They can believe whatever they wish and pray to whomever they wish, but they must be stripped of their power to persuade—money.

Members of the LGBTQ community around the globe will continue to suffer and die because of these people. Scott Lively and his ilk and their nefarious and deadly machinations must be stopped. Their hands are already covered in too much blood.

AndyAndrew Vails writing career began in Halifax when he was but a child. In Grade 4, he wrote and produced his own series of comic books entitled “Freaky The Frog”, the on-going tale of a little misfit frog and his pals of the pond. Marvel Comics never came knocking but Andrew knew he loved to create and tell stories. Since then, Andrew has worked in advertising, PR and publicity; has interviewed politicians, rock stars and very interesting yet not-so-famous movers and shakers. He has published articles in a variety of local and national magazines and websites. Andrew is currently working on the project

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