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Unvailed: The 2013 Hot List

Unvailed: The 2013 Hot List

Didn’t that year go by quickly! No wonder, it was one controversy after another that kept the media-watching public in its thrall: from scandalous mayors and senators to floods and ice storms, it was baby-apocalyptic year—and certainly an entertaining one. While a number of these issues were explored, what really captured our readers were the features that focused on arts, music, food, sex and madness (don’t they all go hand-in-hand?). We assume our readers just needed an escape form the daily madness hurtling around the collective consciousness and needed respite.

Once again, big thanks to everyone who was part of Unvailed this year, in particular Jeffrey Round and Kendall P for their outstanding contributions. As well, endless salutations of gratitude for everyone who sat down, called- or Skyped-in for interviews that made great features. Of course, thank you to everyone who took the time to read and respond to the features. Here’s to an exciting—and hopefully just as kooky ‘cuz it makes for great stories—2014. Thanks for reading Unvailed!

The 2013 Hot List:

My Name is Andrew and I’m a Recovering Enabler

chaosEveryone has combustable relationships, be they platonic or intimate. I have had my fair share and after another one detonated in my face, I decided to look at what my role has been in several of the more outstanding ones I’ve had in my life. Turns out, I’m an enabler…or rather, was. Read more…


Uncover You Passion for Erotic Interiors

Photo by Simply Tailored

Photo by Simply Tailored

Designer Karen Klucowicz discovered a market most interior designers tend to overlook: the sensual and the erotic. Hence, she created the Toronto-based company Erotica Interiors where she creates not only sumptuous and sensuous bedrooms, but helps create more intimate and playful relationships. Read more… 


The New Kid on the Block

20131213_170910 copyJust squeaking in before year’s end, Jeffrey Round hit the palate of many readers with his mouth-watering review of a delicious new find on his most recent trip to Puerto Vallarta, Maia Restaurante. Should you find yourself in PV this winter, you have dinner taken care of. Read more…


Two Days with Heart

Ann&Nancy_CMW2_03-22-13If you’ve read Unvailed before it should be no surprise to know that I am a huge fan of the band Heart. In March 2013, I got to spend two days watching the band—and sisters Ann and Nancy Wilson—rock Toronto at a sold out, stunning show at Massey Hall, and then the next day with an intimate performance and interview during Canadian Music Week. Read more…


Mars Roberge and the Little Film That Could

marsHe went from a Toronto DJ at the end of his rope to the rarified—and exotically esoteric world of infamous designer Patricia Field—so Mars Roberge decided to make a documentary about it. Follow his fascinating story from hired help working with some of the most noted and notorious doyennes of the New York nights to auteur. Read more…


Light Comedy on Film with Sheila McCarthy 

McCarthy_Sheila_-_HeadshotWhat happens when a successful writer/director gets to take a masterclass in comedy with one of the country’s best? Jeffrey Round had the opportunity to flex his comedic and stage muscles (again) while taking a course with actor Sheila McCarthy. When opportunity knocks, enter laughing. Read more…


Thanks a Lot!

scott-jones-1The vicious beating of a young gay man in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia really hit home with Kendall P. Scott Jones was attacked after leaving a bar just before Canadian Thanksgiving—and just prior to the anniversary of the brutal beating and murder of Matthew Shepard. While we have much to be thankful for here in Canada as gay people, Kendall points out that dangers still lurk. Read more…



Press Shot 1 photo FINALToronto singer/songwriter Roxanna’s journey into music was definitely the road less traveled. The former nurse took her love of music and healing and used it to create beautiful, sensual, touching songs that also helped heal her own broken heart. The result is the upcoming album “Exotica” with its unforgettable lead single, Unforgotten. Read more…


Ori Dagan – Improvising the Future of Jazz

Ori_ColourOri Dagan continues to rise in the Canadian jazz world. While his influences lie with some of the greats of the genre (Ella and Anita O’Day being two huge ones), he is also writing fresh new material as well as giving clever, challenging and entertaining takes on pop classic by the likes of Madonna and Lady Gaga. The future of jazz is Ori. Read more…


Rob Ford and the Politics of Division

Rob-Ford1-e1323053448972Is Rob Ford the problem or the symptom of something much bigger? While his outlandish antics and bizarre behaviour have captured international attention, he is also the poster boy for a new kind of politics that forgives the sinner in favour of sticking the finger in the face of people with opposing views. Great politicians used to be consensus builders. Now, successful politicians use division and hostility to pander their way to the top. Read more…


Leah Jee is Coming After You

photo_101453_profilePop-punk features some of the biggest names in music: Joan Jett, the Runaways, Gen X, Ramones and Screaming Trees, to name a few. Leah Jee will find her name in that pantheon soon enough. This midwesterner transplanted herself to LA and is rocking fans across the land with her debut EP “The Rest Is Ours” on which she blends attitude and riffs with meaning. Read on and rock on..


Those are a few of the hot features from 2013. Thanks for clicking and reading. See you in 2014.

AndyAndrew Vail’s writing career began in Halifax when he was but a child. In Grade 4, he wrote and produced his own series of comic books entitled “Freaky The Frog”, the on-going tale of a little misfit frog and his pals of the pond. Marvel Comics never came knocking but Andrew knew he loved to create and tell stories. Since then, Andrew has worked in advertising, PR and publicity; has interviewed politicians, rock stars and very interesting yet not-so-famous movers and shakers. He has published articles in a variety of local and national magazines and websites. Andrew is currently working on the project Queer50.

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