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Intangible Connectedness

Intangible Connectedness

Love is liberating. Love is all consuming. Love is fear. Love is hope. Love is blind. Love is like oxygen. Love is the panacea for what ails us. Love is the fuel that fires our anguish. Love is the answer. Love remains the biggest question.

What is love?

Many minds far greater than mine have pondered this for time immemorial; yet with centuries of soul searching, the heart is still a mysterious, lonely hunter. Philosophers, clergy, poets, politicians and anyone else with a pulse are still struggling to define love.

A few years ago I attended a lovely soiree filled with some very interesting people. During the evening, one of my tablemates began to tell me the history of her and her husband (we had been discussing relationships and swapping ‘how-we-met’ stories). She told an oft-heard tale of how they met, etcetera and so on. But mid-story, she said something that really struck me; as she waxed wistfully about her beau, she said, “The moment I met him, I smelled my unborn children.” I found this statement incredibly intimate and rather profound; especially coming from someone I had just met.

I’ve been asked on occasion what I have loved about partners I have had at certain times in my life. I respond with a list of traits, isms and actions that are uniquely him and that I adore. That I love him is a given. Why I love him remains somewhat enigmatic. I don’t question my love for him at all. Rather, I wonder what unique gravitational pull draws me to him, why he is my Polaris. I thought of my partner. I thought of the story my tablemate had just shared. Then I blurted out:

Intangible Connectedness.

DownloadedFileWhat, exactly, is that you may be asking? Intangible connectedness, as I interpret it, is the collection of ethereal threads that bind us to the ones we love. There is no easy summation, no simple explanation, just the emotions we feel when we think about, look at and touch that one person whom we choose. Intangible connectedness is the indefinable bond that cleaves us to our mate. Is it pheromones? Perhaps. Is it a specific odour that is uniquely theirs? Maybe. Is it a combination of all senses acting in concert that alerts our mind, heart and soul that this is the one? Possibly.

It’s a poet’s dream and a pragmatist’s nightmare.

But maybe it’s more than that. Maybe what we define as love is completely otherworldly—and that’s why we have such a difficult time not only understanding it but also identifying it. As a concept, a notion, an aspiration, love is tantalizing. In reality, it’s complex and convoluted. It’s a dichotomy of emotion vs. logic. Love—in theory—seems simple. Love—in practice—takes much nurturing and care. Love requires great strength and incredible vulnerability.

So, have I answered your question as to what love is and the idea of intangible connectedness? Probably not. Like everyone else, I’m still trying to understand love, why I need to have it and why I need to give it. Why it scares the hell out of me and why it gives me so much comfort. If it helps, think about this when you think about love:

It’s an impulse and an urge. It’s a poet’s dream and a pragmatist’s nightmare. It’s indefinable and irresistible.

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andrewv100x100Andrew Vail’s writing career began in Halifax when he was but a child. In Grade 4, he wrote and produced his own series of comic books entitled “Freaky The Frog”, the on-going tale of a little misfit frog and his pals of the pond. Marvel Comics never came knocking but Andrew knew he loved to create and tell stories. Since then, Andrew has worked in advertising, PR and publicity; has interviewed politicians, rock stars and very interesting yet not-so-famous movers and shakers. He has published articles in a variety of local and national magazines and websites.

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