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Emo = Homo = Dead in Iraq

Emo = Homo = Dead in Iraq

A few years ago I wrote a few articles about the death squads in Iraq that were hunting, torturing and killing gay, lesbian, and transgender people. There was an international outcry from different governments, mostly fueled by groups like Human Rights Watch and LGBT activist organizations around the world. We even started a letter writing campaign to then Minister of Foreign Affairs, Lawrence Cannon.

Evidently what was happening was the government was sponsoring these ‘death squads’ to go out and systematically hunt queer people and kill them. They were paid and protected from any prosecution for targeted murder. What was almost as shocking was that the hatred for queers combined with blood money actually united Shia and Suni militia groups who have long been sworn enemies. Pathetic.

Emo = Homo = Satan Worshiper = Dead.

Another group reportedly responsible for this campaign of terror was the Mehdi Army militia who were apparently operating in cahoots with Iraqi police. These combined factions had been brutally killing gay men, mutilating their bodies and dumping them like trash. Despite the fact that homosexuality is technically legal in Iraq, these “honour killings” had been going largely unchecked and under-reported since the fall of the last regime.

Things got quiet on the topic after a while and reports about these murders seemed to have stopped. Well, it looks like they haven’t. They have just changed tactic and strategy. Now, Emo kids are being targeted and murdered in cold blood. Why Emo kids. Simple. Emo = Homo = Satan Worshiper = Dead.

Most of these kids have been bludgeoned to death with bricks.

It’s estimated that anywhere between 40 to 75 Emo kids (read Satan-worshiping homosexuals) have been murdered in recent months, this according to Human Rights Watch. Most of these kids have been bludgeoned to death with bricks and left on the streets of Baghdad with their friends and families trying to find out what has become of them. Sadly, too many times the news is tragic.

One of the activists who brought the original issue of the death squads to the international consciousness is also quite active on this latest egregious turn of events. Ali Hili (pictured) is the founder of IraqiLGBT, a UK-based site where he chronicles the on-going atrocities Iraqi queers continue to face. The Iraqi government once used Hili to spy on queers until he fled the country. He is now living in South America. He continues to report on the latest news as it affects queers in Iraq and uses a global network of activists to pressure other human rights groups and governments to intervene.

Iraq is in the global political crosshairs lately as it attempts to position itself as a moderate democracy in the region. Now would be the time to take their government and religious leaders to task over what is happening in this latest campaign to kill queers.

Please take a moment to write our Minister of Foreign Affairs, John Baird to let him know that we as Canadians cannot tolerate these brutal, targeted killings. Something must be done.

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  1. Holy fucking shit. I’m glad I don’t live in Iraq. I’m lesbian AND emo. I’d be fucked 0-0

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