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The Self-entitlement of Birds

The Self-entitlement of Birds

Birds. When someone says the word I tend to immediately think of cute little chirping creatures: finches, robins, canaries. Then if I dwell more on it I might think of crows, seagulls and pigeons, all the ones we see most often. But there are a multitude of avian creatures that range from coastal ranges to deep forests. Nocturnal birds like the owl, predatory like the hawk, scavengers like the vulture, opportunistic like the house sparrow, they are everywhere and they manage to coexist with humans quite successfully.

There are some people that don’t care for birds and in fact I personally know a few that are scared of them. But more often than not it seems like humans admire birds because of their ability to fly. It’s a very cool thing! Who wouldn’t love to be able to just soar into the sunset? It’s hard not to feel a twinge of envy when you look up at the graceful gliding of an eagle across the sky, unless it swoops down and grabs your pet Chihuahua of course.

There is a very amazing…extremely large ego in these little creatures

Speaking of pets, I started this off to talk about birds as pets. I owned cockatiels at different times in the past and for the last 5 years or so I’ve been a co-parent to a green cheeked conure named Stoney. He was a “used bird” as I like to call him (we’re actually unsure if it’s male or female as conures are very difficult to sex). My now ex and I took him off someone else’s hands when they found him too much to look after being a single working person. Birds are VERY needy creatures. It might surprise some of you to know that they require and DEMAND a great deal of attention and as the name of this piece suggests, they feel entitled to it!

There is a very amazing, and in relation to their size, extremely large ego in these little creatures. Conures want to be with you at all times as a rule. They’ll follow you into the bathroom, try to cuddle beside your head while you sleep, quickly slip down your shirt and then stick their head out while they hold on to the collar looking like a kid with the blanket pulled up to their chin. But you try to make them do what you want and watch out. If they don’t want to go on your finger they fluff up and get ready to chomp! Finally get them in the cage when you have to go out? They’ll wait until you’re closing the latch and try to reach through the bars to give you a last nip because they’re pissed off.

They jump down and help themselves to whatever you eat if they like it

They bathe frequently and then fly to you and rub their feathers on your shirt to dry off. They jump down and help themselves to whatever you eat if they like it. If you put down something shiny like keys or coins, they’ll rush at your hand and guard them, then pick them up and strut around like a little dragon. All in all, they are very personable, cuddly, affectionate and yet self-entitled, selfish and maddening as hell! But it’s funny, when you become a bird person; you really take to this attitude. It’s reminiscent of cats. People admire the stuck-up attitude of the feline personality as well. There is something that speaks of a right to be admired because of the confidence such an attitude of self-importance projects. Birds have it in spades!

You need two people at least and a decent amount of time spent at home to keep a bird like the conure happy. If he’s not, he’ll let you know it. You can read his mood by those very expressive cartoon eyes. It’s interesting that birds are one of the last of the living dinosaurs. After watching Jurassic Park I can certainly attest to the similarity between this little bugger and a mad raptor! Still, I love the little prick and I’d never want to lose him. But it gives a whole new meaning to the phrase when I give the roommate the bird.

photo credit: Thomas Hawk

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