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Blindsided: Infidelity & Loss in Lesbian Relationships

Blindsided: Infidelity & Loss in Lesbian Relationships

This is a safe haven for Lesbians who have been in relationships and have suddenly been dumped. The hurt and confusion can be overwhelming. I want to know why we feel that it’s okay to cheat on and then dispose of our partners because there’s a problem or two.

Rather than sit and gently talk it through, they chose to find someone else, another newer model. They think these feelings towards the new person are intense and new, and they forget that this is what they felt when they first met us. Why do they behave so hatefully towards us the way they do?

If you stop and look back, were there any advanced warnings that we were too blinded by love to see?

And why do our friends keep telling us to “get over it and get on with our lives?” We finally get to the point where we share our hurt with fewer and fewer people because they just don’t understand. Therapy is good but sometimes it’s not enough.

Please feel that here you can share your thoughts and experiences and perhaps find gentle guidance and a willing heart to listen and understand.

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