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Blood On Their Hands

Blood On Their Hands

Another young person has taken his life in the face of unrelenting homophobic bullying. 14-year-old Jamey Rodemeyer took his life last weekend. He could not face another day of taunting and teasing from his high school classmates. He was a child. He was told he was wrong. He was told he was bad. He was told he was worthless. He died because he was queer.

No one should die because of who they are. No child should suffer they are different. No child should die because they are LGBT. Jamey—who was from Buffalo, New York—posted many video blogs about his feelings and his alienation from his schoolmates. He shared that he was constantly told he was going to hell because he was gay and that he was constantly bombarded with hate. This he got from his peers. Where did they get their information?

While Jamey initially got support from his female friends he was shunned by his male peers who slammed him because of his sexuality. At first, he appeared to be coping and finding the support he needed, even citing Lady Gaga as a role model and quoting her song ‘Born This Way’ as a theme and rallying call for himself. It wasn’t enough.

Groups like Focus on the Family and the Christian Coalition consider teaching queer kids that they are not sick or degenerate or sinners is nothing but agenda-pushing. They don’t feel that queer kids need anything more than a good, pure Christian life that will solve bullying and the pain that accompanies it. They don’t believe that laws should focus on vulnerable people for protection from hate speech and violence.

Ironically, those same people who stridently oppose these laws are the same ones who stand up to vigorously protest any violation of their free speech or freedom of thought or belief. They feel persecuted and unfairly judged. Yet somehow they fail to see the how much they have in common with kids like Jamey and the scores of others who have buckled under the weight of bigotry, hatred, intolerance and violence. Jamey believed it would get better. It didn’t. He died.

Shame on the hate mongers. Shame on each and every one of them. Their hands are covered on blood.

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