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Enough Is Enough Part 1 – The Language

Enough Is Enough Part 1 – The Language

America is on a collision course with another presidential election. While these happen every four years it seems the campaigning never ends and that there is an election every six months. It can get a little wearing on the ears, nerves and patience.

As the candidates begin to crank up the poli-speak and set out their party platforms, mandates and agendas, one thing is sure, the gays are gonna get it again. It has become tradition to bash the homosexuals every time there is an election. For some mysterious reason, politicians—heterosexual ones—are OBSESSED with what gay people are up to minute to minute.

It seems gay people—particularly gay men—are a source of angst and consternation to conservatives who can’t seem to look the other way during an election year. Whether it’s same sex marriage, same sex sex or just the mere existence of gays, conservative politicians just can’t look the other way.

Is this a warning cry or a rallying call for your local leather bar’s BDSM night?

The past few years the rhetoric has really heated up. We are getting back to early 1980s speak on CNN and Fox News and other “panic-vision” outlets. It must be said, the Tea Party has been adding spectacularly to the dizzying discourse as of late. The Fourth Reich can’t seem to keep their minds off of the gays. Take Michele Bachmann, for example. Michele bleats on to excess about the bondage and enslavement that is homosexuality. She warns of the “despair and pain that goes with the deviance of homosexuality in our times”. Bondage and enslavement, is this a warning cry or a rallying call for your local leather bar’s BDSM night?

“Michee”, as I like to call her, doesn’t stop there, she even involves Satan in the conversation while trying desperately to be a witty wordsmith: “This is not funny. It’s a very sad life. It’s part of Satan, I think, to say this is gay. It’s anything but gay.” She should know, or, rather her befuddled hubby, Marcus, who offers ‘therapy’ to gays in the form of exorcism. His treatment of “pray away the gay” seems to be working wonders. Look, Ma, no more gays. Nothing kookoo here, people. There has been much jawing about Marcus’s concerns for gays. Suffice to say—and I’ll quote the Bard on this one—me thinks thou doth protest too much.

Now we go from the ridiculous to the downright scary: Rick Perry. Perry is a creationist who believes “God has a plan for America”. And guess what? God is just as concerned with gays as Bachmann and Perry (not to mention Palin and the rest of the bible-waving, gun-totting do-gooders). Perry is aligned with groups like the Family Research Council and the American Family Association. These organizations are filled with concerned citizens who are—you guessed it—obsessed with the gays. But perhaps most mind-boggling and frightening is his tangential association with the New Apostolic Reformation Movement, or cult, or knitting circle…

The New Apostolic Reformation is an offshoot of the Charismatic Pentecostal evangelical sect of Christianity. In a nutshell, they believe that the only way to save America (and by extension the rest of the world) is to bring about a nice, relaxing, cleansing apocalypse. These sweet people were also allegedly behind passing laws in Uganda to have homosexuals sentenced to death. What a charming bunch, yes?

Of course, they are only part of the choir. There are even some mega-right wing conservatives who assert that gays were responsible for the formation of the Nazi Party in pre-war Germany. I guess they haven’t visited any of the Holocaust memorials that include the stories of how gays and lesbians were rounded up and murdered as well. Why research and get your facts when you can just make it up.

This is the language of extremists who want to marginalize, demonize and persecute a segment of society

My question is this: when is enough, enough? When will it be verboten to use this kind of language and malicious rhetoric while running for public office? In my mind, as soon as this kind of destructive, abusive, hate-inciting poison is uttered, the candidate for office should be immediately disqualified from running. Sound extreme? Why not change the word ‘gay’ to another minority and see how that flies?

This isn’t constructive political discourse for the greater good. This is using the political platform and the media to assert personal agendas that are filled with hate and destruction. And for some bizarre reason, these people are allowed to disparage gay people all they like with very little pushback. This is sanctioned gay bashing. This is not civil nor is it democratic. This is the language of extremists who want to marginalize, demonize and persecute a segment of society and make them responsible for all its ills.

I am not an American and I cannot vote in their elections, but I hear this gay-grinding grandstanding on an ongoing basis and I have had my fill. How is it representative of the beacon of freedom, equality and democracy to have this kind of targeted bile spread around the globe? Why is allowed to continue? Is this who we want our leaders to be? And by the way, this goes for Canada, too.

Enough is enough.

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  1. Ah, Andrew, the lunatics that run for president! They have WAY more money than brains, more prejudice than the KKK, and so little understanding of the real world. What’s the response? Ignore ’em, burst into hysterial laughter, or hit them upside the head with a brick?


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