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Canadian Opera Company’s Bluebeard’s Castle/Erwartung

Posted by on May 17, 2015 in A Writer's Half-Life, Featured, Unrivaled | 0 comments

First produced twenty-two years ago, Robert LePage’s production of two one-act operas, Bela Bartok’s Bluebeard’s Castle and Arnold Schönberg’s Erwartung, makes a glorious return to the...

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Getting Laid is Easy…

Posted by on May 2, 2015 in Featured, Unabashed | 6 comments

Getting laid is easy. Getting loved is hard. That’s something I posted as a comment to a friend who was lamenting some romantic challenges he’s been going through. I could relate. I posted it as a bit of a...

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Queer Tales: 3 Works by Queer-lit Masters

Posted by on Apr 27, 2015 in A Writer's Half-Life, Featured, Unrivaled | 0 comments

From prose to poetry, the sublime to the ridiculous, the written word can be a...

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Joseph Eid…living for something real

Posted by on Apr 5, 2015 in Featured, Unrivaled | 0 comments

“I started playing guitar later in life,” says singer/songwriter Joseph...

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Resisting the Fatal Gaze

Posted by on Jan 26, 2015 in Featured, Understand | 0 comments

Oh, vanity thy name is…everyone. Most people have heard the word narcissism...

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Unvailed: The 2014 Hot List

Posted by on Jan 4, 2015 in A Writer's Half-Life, Featured, Parting Shots, Unabashed, Understand, Unrivaled | 0 comments

With the sound of a great crack, it was suddenly over. No, I’m not talking...

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The Great Depression of 2014

Posted by on Dec 28, 2014 in Featured, Unabashed | 3 comments

There I stood in the entryway of the Toronto east end hospital. The automatic...

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